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Who is…?

La are the artistic partners Marcos Cabrera and Judit García-Talavera. Together they develop different kind of projects in various disciplines: illustration, design, mural…


Born in the Canary Islands of Spain, Judit has always been surrounded by beauty. After attending an arts-oriented high school, Judit first fell in love with illustration as a means of capturing the beauty around her. She earned a degree in Fine Arts at the Universidad de La Laguna, and has participated in several workshops in the Canary Islands, such as the Centro de Arte Grafico La Recova in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. In 2004 she moved to Barcelona to continue her studies in illustration at the Massana Permanent Academy.

Judit has become quite sought after for her beautiful flowing line that is the hallmark of her work. She adores the fountain pen, and also often finds herself combining ink and diluted watercolors to depict characters absorbed by their emotions or lost deep in daydreams.

Among Judit’s clients are Massimo Dutti, Telegraph’s Stella Magazine, Sally Hansen, Bloomingdales, ELLE China, Teen Vogue, Gilt Group, ELLE Girl Japan, Remix magazine, Jane Iredale cosmetics, Harper’s Bazaar Spain, Marie Claire Spain, Stylesight, Rolling Stone Spain, Metro, Hennessy Cognac, Piaget, Toronto Magazine, Please! magazine, Qlix magazine, Roug magazine, Ponytail magazine, Ragazza, TOUS, ModMods, Please!Magazine.

Presently she lives in Barcelona.

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Marcos Cabrera is a Barcelona based illustrator and graphic designer.

He designs posters, art prints, merchandise, album art full of strange imagery with a penchant for monsters and the macabre.

His work is highly influenced by the skateboard and surf lifestyles, and by the sub-cultures of punk rock and hardcore.

Monsters, zombies, screaming demon-vomiting skulls that will eat your brains are some of the creepy horrors oozing around his illustrations.

Some of the latests Marcos’s clients are Last Tour International, Century Media, Nuclear Blast, Vans, EMI Spain, Vice Magazine, G-Shock, Resurrection Fest, Converse , Boss Gear, IronFist, Long Island Longboards, Jart Skateboards or Total Guitar Magazine.

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